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Friday, August 17, 2012

Nagarjuna sagar dam

I am a lazy ass. I travel to the most interesting places but too too lazy to write about it. So I begin with a very small day trip I made with my husband and in-laws.

I moved to Hyderabad post wedding. Lovely city but getaways are very few. Weather too doesn't help a lot. So when my in laws came down, we decided to make a day trip to the Nagarjuna sagar dam.

Woke up at 6 am and by 7 am we left our place. Our mode of transport was Maruti Alto. Packed some snacks from home as for the first 50 km we were going to be on the Outer Ring Road which has no eateries. ORR is a 10 minute drive from our house. Once on ORR  its like you start putting the car to a speed test. But not if you have a wife monitoring the speed :). Anyway with an average of 100km/hr we covered the approx 50 km on ORR. Taking the exit 12 we were now on the SH to Nagarjuna Sagar Dam. The road condition was great, no potholes and you could keep an average of 80km/hr easily. After taking a short breakfast break at Ibrahimpatnam for breakfast we reached the Dam by around 10 am.

The first sight of the Dam is amazing. The size is daunting and enough to leave us amazed. The launch location of boats to the Nagarjunakonda island is on the right side of the dam. Although the directions were not clear enough the locals guided us well.

APTDC has a done a fantastic job of maintaining the place. Its clean, well-maintained and well-managed. A boat-ride to the island takes around 45 mins. There are specific timings for these rides. Last one leaves at 1:30pm. We took the 11:30 am ride to the island. Although the sun was extremely harsh that day but still the breeze is cool. A 45 minute boat ride later, we reached this island. Nagarjunakonda island is a buddhist place. The main attraction here is a museum which contains excavated remains of Buddhist civilisation in the area. Sounds boring and type of a history lesson revisit but I did not find it so. The limestone carvings and the standing Buddha statue was actually quite amazing. On top of that, the island itself is beautiful. Its absolute quietness, the flora around is worth a visit.

We took the 1:30pm ride back to the mainland. We had lunch at Hotel Siddhartha. The Chicken biryani was ok.(Coming from Hyd, biryani anywhere else is never satisfactory). Our plan was to see the  Ethipothala Falls too but we decided to skip it(tired parents plus the heat) and headed back to hyderabad. Reached home at 7pm, tired but happy. A good drive(with my choice of music),awesome roads and a beautiful destination made it a fulfilling day.

Next trip is Ramoji Film city.....till then signing off.....:)

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  1. Nice one.. keep posting more and we will know hyderabad from your eyes