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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Goan List

Everyone who visits Goa will have a list of things which makes them wish coming back to this amazing place. A foodie may want to come back for all the xacuti and lobsters, a baba bhakt may have other obvious reasons. There is just something magnetic about Goa. I made my 10th visit to goa this march to celebrate my 1st wedding anniversary. And I cant wait to go again this year. Let me just list down the 10 things that make me go to Goa again and again....

1. The first point has to be the beauty of this place. Agreed the beaches are the selling point of this place. But there is more. Coming from a city, the moment you get down here you start seeing colorful shirts and skirts around. Rent a bike and the drive from panjim to baga will make me forget the city.

2. Oh the food......prawns , mushrooms, king fish, pompfret....mmmmymmmmm!!!! The last time I stayed in Taj holiday in Goa. Most of our food was from the hotel. Ahhh waste!!! I was missing the goan touch there.

3. Has to be the husband will not touch any other drink including water in Goa!!!

4. The dinner at shacks on the beach. Perfect weather or not...a candlelight dinner with relaxing chairs and your feet in the sand with good music playing in the background ....makes me wanna just stay there forever.

5. The walk down the beach....lame as it sounds I am not the person who counts waves or sees her entire life in the ocean. I just like seeing the people around....couples, college groups, families and even locals. Its fun:-)

5. The place is soooooo cheap. The stay, food and drinks!!!! Now who would not like a pocket friendly vacation.

6. The water sports....ahhhh parasailing.....ya the hassling with the locals over the rates is a pain....but the parasailing experience with a scared husband tied to you is amazing!!!

7. Ferries....Well this one is an oldy....i have not really done it in a long time...i remember going on it with parents....cruising in the river watching the sunset....while a group performs in the background....hmmm...maybe something to do again!!!

8. Saturday nite bazaar.....This is a rather new choice.....its foolish to buy anything there unless you are carrying dollars and are fairly good  at bargaining....but its something worth seeing in Goa....The stuff there is beautiful....all glittery...the ambience is upbeat....there so much going on there!!!

9. The people....well even when I am writing this I am not very sure....I have met all sorts of people in Goa....they are loud....but there are some who will make u smile....just a part of Goa which struggles in all ways to make your stay there perfect.

10. The fact that it stays the same. I have been going there since 2002. Nothing much has changed since then. I know that if I go back I will have the same amazing experience as I had last time.

Well there is my top ten reasons. What's yours????